Thailand’s increasing appeal to the 50:50 investor from Europe

thailand property investment

Many people choose to buy or rent property in Thailand because they dream of moving to one of the country’s pristine coastlines or yearn to be able to call Bangkok home. There is also a growing trend of property investors, that are sharing their time between back home in Europe, and an ever growing investment in Thai property. In addition, Thailand’s tourism industry has been growing considerably in recent years. In fact, in 2014, tourism accounted for more than $72 billion in revenue across the nation. Savvy investors looking to cash in on these trends are buying property in Thailand, living in the property for a certain amount of time, and for the remainder of the year renting it out on a short to medium term contract.

Why is 50:50 investing so popular?

If you dream of living in Thailand, but can only do so for a few months out of the year, 50:50 investment could be for you. It provides the opportunity to cash in on tourist revenue by buying property to subsequently rent out and allows a limited amount of capital to go a long way. Perhaps you only have enough capital to purchase one property, and want to maximise both the lifestyle and financial rewards that it will provide. This is why 50:50 investments as they are known are proving so popular.

How Does 50:50 Investing Work?

50:50 investors buy property and live in it for up to six months out of the year, and rent out the property when they aren’t using it. For many, this can be a great way to be able to afford a holiday home or a second home, while also possibly earning a bit of extra money. It’s also a great option for anyone who can’t commit to fully relocating to a new country for the entire year.

Why Invest in Thailand Property?

Thailand is very appealing to 50:50 investors, and especially those from Europe where the climate and lifestyle is so different. Property in Thailand is often far more affordable than in many parts of Europe, making it a realistic choice for those looking to invest in real estate. Thailand’s warm climate and diverse landscapes, including tranquil coasts, vibrant cities, and ancient temples, make it a popular destination for those looking to buy 50:50 property. Cheap flights are also available from many European nations to Thailand, making it ideal for those looking to split their time between the two locations.

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