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Bangkok is a city undergoing a transformation. In the last 10 years, we have witnessed a huge amount of construction and developments. If you look at old records of the city layout, you will be amazed just at how much it has changed. As Thailand continues to experience economic growth, the development trend continues. One major undertaking that is set to take place in the heart of Bangkok is the T77 development in the Sukhumvit 77 neighbourhood by Sansiri. In this article we look at what this ambitious project entails, and how it is already changing this part of Thailand’s capital:

About Sansiri

To give a little background info here is a brief description of the Sansiri company. This development company is regarded as one of the finest in Thailand. They have created hundreds of projects around the country, especially in Bangkok. Notable developments from Sansiri include The Monument Thong Lo, 98 Wireless, The Line Wongsawang, and Khun by Yoo Thong Lo. T77 is possibly their most ambitious project to date, but it has already gained fantastic momentum as you will see below. 

What can we expect from the T77 master plan?

T77 is a project centred on Sukhumvit 77 or On Nut Road. The rough perimeter of T77 spans from the Ramindra – At Narong Expressway, to Soi Sukhumvit 77 and Sukhumvit Road. It encompasses the old Pha Khanong Canal, and two BTS Skytrain stations – BTS Phra Khanong and BTS On Nut.

The entire development will eventually contain 6 residential condominium projects and a plethora other structures. Sansiri has the vision of turning Sukhumvit 77 into a thriving and popular residential area that can rival the likes of Silom, Lat Phrao and Ramkhamhaeng. They believe that this area is ideally located and will remain popular due to the BTS stations, expressway connections and proximity to the old canal.

So what developments can we expect within T77?

Residential Condominium Developments
– Blocs 77
– The Base Sukhumvit 77
– The Base Park Ease Sukhumvit 77
– The Base Park West Sukhumvit 77
– Garden Square Sukhumvit 77
– Hasu Haus

These residential developments feature fantastic modern apartments in a prime location. The Base Sukhumvit 77, for example, contains a host of 1 or 2 bedroom apartments ranging from 26.50 square metres up to 56.75 square metres starting from 2 million THB. Kawa Haus, on the other hand, is a 7 story low-rise development with a total of 546 units starting from 1 million THB. Finally, we have Garden Square Sukhumvit 77 which is a luxury development featuring townhouses starting at 10 million THB. In total, the residential projects of T77 can house over 5,000 families with a combined value of 8.7 billion THB.

Other developments within T77 Sukhumvit       
– Habito community retail mall
– Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School
– Park Court apartments
– Sam Samran Bridge

The Habito community retail mall is situated in the centre of T77 next to The Base Park West and The Base Park East. Spanning over 10,000 square meters, this development is ultra-modern and houses over 30 different stores. You can find anything from grocery stores and restaurants to co-working spaces and pharmacies. This is literally a one-stop-shop for residents of T77. Built around an ethos of good, clean living, Habito really is an important part of the Sukhumvit 77 community.

To add even more viability and popularity to the T77 project, within this region you can find the Bangkok Prep School. This is one of the leading schools within Bangkok and thus adds an element of prestige to the area. Bangkok Prep caters to children aged between 12-18 years and will feature elements as creative arts and sports facilities.

Another residential development not under the Sansiri banner, but still within the boundaries of T77 is Park Court created by M.K Real Estate. This prestigious development is located above Hasu Haus, next to the old canal. Within the Park Court development, you can find a range of fantastic condo apartments. Moreover, the grounds contain a swimming pool, fitness room and outdoor recreational areas.

Finally, the development area also includes the charming Sam Samran Bridge – this iron and steel construct spans the Phra Khanong canal and provides access from The Base Sukhumvit 77 through to The Base Park West along Habito road.

As you can see, T77 really will change the landscape of Sukhumvit 77. Most of the developments have already been completed and there is little else to finish. In time, there is potential to expand this fantastic area further. For now, Sukhumvit 77 really is booming. Residents of this region can proudly say that they live in one of the most popular and upcoming areas of Bangkok. 

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