Bangkok Is A Great Place To Raise A Family – If You Know Where To Look

living in Bangkok

There are many reasons that expats from around the world choose to call Bangkok home. From exotic culture and cuisine, to the history and exciting nightlife, there are so many things that make the city a great place for young people looking to experience the world, busy professionals looking for success, and retirees.

But what many people don’t realise is that it’s also a great city to raise kids. The city not only ranks high internationally for its safety, but it’s also a great place to find affordable property to buy or rent. Bangkok is full of great international schools, with plenty of ways for families to spend their free time.

Bangkok A Safe Place to Call Home

Recent improvements to infrastructure and policing have made the streets of Bangkok safer for foreigners looking to set up home here. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index 2015, Bangkok is now the 39th safest city in the world, and the 14th safest city in Asia. With improvements being made every year, it’s likely to continue to rise on the list in the future. It still has some way to go to compete with the likes of Tokyo, Melbourne and New York City but it is making progress.

Affordable Living Options in Bangkok

There’s arguably never been a better time to buy or rent property in Bangkok. Whether you and your family are looking for a home to buy or a condo to rent, prices are far more affordable than in other major cities in Asia. Recent growth in the economy of Thailand has spurred a number of new developments, ranging from high-end luxury properties to more affordable units. There are options for every family and individual’s needs so you have more spare cash to spend on the things that you love doing.

Family-friendly Things to Do In Bangkok

There’s always something happening in Bangkok, and that includes plenty of great things that families with kids of any age can enjoy. Bangkok’s ancient temples and rich history make for great day trips that are as educational as they are fun. Siam Park City is an amusement and water park in Bangkok full of rides and water slides that are great for cooling off on a hot summer day.
The city is also home to a great zoo, the Safari World Zoo and Park, as well as an aquarium and smaller zoo, Marine World. On rainy days, kids will enjoy ice skating at one of the city’s many indoor rinks, or a visit to KidZania, which is a museum that looks like a scaled down version of a city, with spaces for kids to play pretend. The city has a number of museums, including one devoted to the comic and television superhero, Batman. Here are other options for days out with kids in Bangkok.

Great Schools In Bangkok

From nursery schools to Christian schools, boarding schools to schools catering to children with special needs and everything between, Bangkok is home to countless highly-ranked international schools. There are even schools specialising in offering curriculums native to other nations, like Germany, Switzerland, America, and the UK. With so many schools scattered throughout the city, there’s always a great choice nearby whatever district you choose to call home. There are numerous top international schools in Bangkok but Harrow International, Shrewsbury International, Bangkok Patana and ISB International School Bangkok are some of the very best.

Living In Sukhumvit – Bangkok

There are many districts in and around Bangkok that are family-friendly. One district in particular that’s popular for expat families is Sukhumvit. There are a number of schools located in this district, including The American School of Bangkok and the NIST International School. There are also a number of family-friendly attractions nearby, from the Dinosaur Planet Theme Park, to KIdZania, to Benjakitti Park, and more. Located close to the downtown area, Sukhumvit has countless train stations and bus stops across the district that make transportation easy. However, living options are mostly restricted to buying or renting condos due to the fact you are in the epicentre of Bangkok and space is limited. But if your family wants to be close to endless amounts of restaurants and activities, Sukhumvit is the place to be.

Living In Don Muaeng – Bangkok

If you’re looking for a quieter district away from the busy downtown area, Don Muaeng is one such area. Here you can find a larger three or four-bedroom family home to buy or rent for prices that are affordable for most expats. The district is located north of Bangkok, around a 45 minute drive in normal traffic away from the centre of Bangkok. The 35-acre campus of Harrow International School, one of Bangkok’s best schools for expat children, is located in Don Muaeng. The Don Muaeng International Airport is also close by, which means that a number of train stations and bus stops are located in and around the area. Families can also enjoy an educational visit to the Royal Thai Airforce Museum in the local area, where you can see a number of retired military planes, historical displays, and more. It’s a quieter way of life in Don Muaeng than in central Bangkok but housing there is far more affordable than in central Bangkok.

Living In Bang Na – Bangkok

Another district that’s away from downtown Bangkok is Bang Na. This district is partly industrial and partly suburban. It’s also known for having some Western-style housing, which can be a welcome comfort to new expat families. Housing in this district is often much more affordable than elsewhere in Bangkok. There are several great schools in this district, including the Bangkok Patana School, St. Andrews BangNa campus, and Concordian. Also located in Bang Na are a number of family-friendly activities, including the beautiful King Rama IX Park, which is full of walking trails, gardens, and ponds. The downside to Bang Na is that it doesn’t have convenient public transportation into downtown Bangkok. But fewer crowds within the district means a quieter, more family-friendly way of living.

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