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A common misconception is that Phuket is actually part of Thailand’s mainland, when in actuality it is an island. It is however an easy mistake to make given how big and developed the city itself actually is! When you think of an island in Thailand the mind tends to drift toward a quaint and picturesque island with bamboo huts and palm trees: as opposed to a huge and bustling city with all of the amenities of home including modern shopping malls and waterparks to name but a few!

That is of course not to say that Phuket is any less desirable! In fact, one of Phuket’s most attractive qualities is the fact that it not only offers everything you could expect from a major city, but it also boasts beautiful little villages, impeccable white beaches and a luscious green and mountainous landscape that will render you breathless every single time you look out of your window.

It’s no wonder that Phuket real estate has been booming over recent years! In fact, the rate at which condominiums and apartment complexes have been springing up over Phuket has been exponentially increasing which is good news for those of you that are on the lookout for property for sale in Phuket. The only drawback of course is the fact that when looking for property in Phuket for sale, the sheer volume of choice can become a little overwhelming; especially if you haven’t yet decided as to whether or not you are interesting in buying a house, a villa, a condo or an apartment.

First of all it is important that you take a deep breath and relax! The process of finding property for sale in Phuket doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact if you take your time and accept the help and advice of a reputable and professional real estate agency such as: Find Thai Property then the process will certainly become a whole lot easier!

You can begin by figuring out what sort of property it is you are looking for and what you intend to do with it. For example if you are simply looking for an investment opportunity then you do not need to get too attached to the property at all. You may wish to consider investing in a prebuild apartment or condo; the options are endless and the financial gains are lucrative. On the other hand you may be looking to purchase a holiday home, or perhaps a second home – in which case you may be more attracted to finding a house for sale in Phuket; or perhaps a private villa for you to rent out to holiday makers for profit.

Whatever the case: Find Thai Property will treat you with a personalised and private service that will render you feeling valued and respected - We pride ourselves on our ability to identify our client’s need and provide them with the best possible advice and the finest, most suitable properties to suit their individual needs and desires.

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