The Places to Invest in Thailand Property 2017 and Beyond

best place to buy property thailand

Buying property, especially in growth areas, is a great way to invest your capital. With an economy that has been steadily improving for many years now, Thailand has proven to be one of those places. The Thai government has been investing in improvements in many of the country’s growing downtown areas and other regions, which means that property prices are going to continue to rise in these areas. Buying into these growing areas now means that your property is likely to increase in value in the coming years.
There are many places across Thailand that are great for foreign investors looking to buy property. Here are a few of the best places to invest in property right now.


For the last decade or so, Bangkok has been steadily growing and expanding, with the government and private investors improving and adding new infrastructure every year. Public transportation now links many corners of the city, making it easy to get from one place to the next. Supermarket stores now offer food from around the world, giving expats living in the city the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of their old home. All of these reasons and more make Bangkok a great place for foreigners looking to buy or rent a condo or house.
There’s also never been a better time to invest in property in Bangkok. Demand for property in the downtown and surrounding areas is becoming increasingly popular, and new complexes are being built all over the city. Buying property now, before they sell out or reach their quota for the number of foreign buyers within a property, means snapping up property with a value that is sure to increase.


If you’re looking for all of the modern amenities of Bangkok, but at a slower pace, Pattaya might be just the place. This beachside resort area has long been popular with retirees and tourists, and it’s about to become even more desirable. That’s because a high-speed rail is set to link Pattaya to Bangkok by 2018.
With this rail line, residents of Pattaya will be able to visit Bangkok in just thirty minutes, which is short enough for a commute to work or even just an evening meal in the city. The convenience of the rail line is also sure to drive property prices up in Pattaya, making now a great time to buy or rent a condo or home in Pattaya.


Another popular, yet often overlooked, beachside resort area is Phuket. The area has long been popular with foreign investors, and was hit pretty hard by the 2008 economic crisis. Prices dropped, and now that the economy has recovered, land and property in Phuket has been steadily increasing in value.
Recent improvements in the Phuket International Airport have also helped to draw more tourists, which is helping to boost the local economy, and as a result, the value of local properties and land.

Chiang Mai

Thailand’s fifth largest city may be less well known than Bangkok, but it’s currently experiencing a growth that rivals its larger sister-city. In fact, prices in Chiang Mai are increasing faster than anywhere else in the country! Despite this, prices are still lower than many other popular Thailand destinations, making them affordable for foreign investors. With the high-speed rail line also set to link Chiang Mai to Bangkok and eventually to China, now is definitely the time to buy in this beautiful, historic city.


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