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Renting a property out to tenants anywhere in the world requires some consideration. You have to consider rental income, tenant screening and legal documentation, for example. One often overlooked factor that can increase rental income, maintain tenant happiness and ensure your property is rented quickly is the inclusion of furniture, and not just any old furniture.

Furnishing your rental property whether it is a single unit or considerable portfolio is hugely important. Providing a fully furnished property has many benefits as you will see below. But do you have time and money to undertake this task? What if someone could complete the process for you? 

If you are looking for a professional furniture design and supply service in Bangkok Find Thai Property can assist…

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Benefits of our Bangkok Property Interior Design & Furniture Services

Before we explain our amazing packages, you must first understand WHY. Why would you even need to use a property furniture service? There are 5 main reasons – income, desirability, workload, communication and stress:

1. Increase rental income

It is important to note that almost all condos come fully furnished to tenants in Bangkok. If your property is not furnished, or not furnished to a proper standard you are set to lose out. If your property is an investment, rental income is hugely important to you. Thai rental prices are currently favourable but you would be wise to add extra value where possible. Tenants will typically pay more for a property that is furnished attractively, and such a property will spend less time vacant. By utilising our professional interior design services you will enjoy a higher rental income.
We understand that this furniture has to be maintained, but you would stipulate damage costs in your rental contract. Furthermore, you could put aside a small portion of extra the rental income per month for furniture replacements in the future should the need arise.

2. Increase the desirability of your property

From most tenant’s point of view, a furnished property looks more desirable and they can really feel like home the moment they step into a property with awesome furnishings. For someone who doesn’t want the hassle or the stress of kitting out their home, a furnished property is perfect. The convenience and speed factor is also highly desirable, as the tenant/s do not have to worry about anything other than signing the contract and moving in. Moreover, your property will look fantastic in promotional shots.
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3. Reduce your own travelling time and workload

If you are investing from abroad, you may not have time to keep travelling to Thailand. Travelling back and forth to view your property and make arrangements can be time consuming. It can also be expensive – flights and accommodation costs can soon add up. This can all eat into your profit margins and cause unwanted stress.

By purchasing a furniture package from our interior designers in Bangkok, you can reduce your travel time and costs considerably. Let us take care of the furniture so that you can remain in your own country and attend to any business you have there. 

4. Remove potential language barriers and communication issues

We have had instances where customers have requested our help simply because they cannot speak Thai. Additionally, we have had customers who didn’t have a firm grasp on Thai culture and business practices. They simply found trying to purchase furniture too difficult and challenging.
If you are a foreigner looking to furnish your rental property, language and culture really can cause an issue. How can you hope to bargain? Or arrange delivery times? How do you know what is listed in the terms and conditions of the furniture sale? By using our property furniture service you can remove all those barriers. We have in-depth knowledge of Thai culture and property interior design. We can take care of the whole process.

5. Enjoy a hassle-free service from start to finish

Buying furniture and installing it can be troublesome in any country. Place this process into the hustle and bustle of Thailand, and you can easily be overwhelmed.

Furnishing your investment is important and the clever use of space can pay huge dividends, especially in a limited sized unit. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth and hands-free process for you.

Interior Design Bangkok

Bangkok Interior Design and Furniture packages

  • High quality finishing
  • Tailored service to meet your individual needs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Free initial quotation
  • Free high quality photos of the finished unit
  • European service

High quality finishing – To make your rental property more desirable, you want high quality furniture and accessories. You do not want to pay for sub-standard quality or furniture that will only last a few months. Imagine if you paid for a furniture package only to have your tenants contact you a month into the contract stating that their bed had collapsed, or their kitchen unit doors had broken!

By using our Bangkok interior design and furniture services you can ensure your property is kitted out with only quality furniture. We have interior design experience, and our furniture is either custom made or sourced by ourselves.

Tailored service – Some furniture packages are generic and standardised. We do not believe this is effective. We understand that each rental property is different. What type of furniture is suitable could depend entirely on what type of tenant your property will have for example. We look at your requirements and develop a package to suit.

Quick turnaround – Did you know that the standard turnaround for property furnishing in Thailand is two months or more? Can you realistically afford to wait this long before your property is ready? To maximize your rental income, you want your property ready ASAP. You want tenants to be able to move in immediately. We know time is an important factor – this is why our interior design company Bangkok will complete your furniture package within 14 days. Two weeks in comparison to two months!

Free initial quotation – When starting a rental property investment you want to keep your costs to a minimum. Any expense that you can avoid is fantastic. A simple thing such as paying for a furniture package quotation is something that you really don’t need. This is why we offer a free quotation – we will detail prices, installation process and give examples of the actual furniture at no cost to yourself.     

Free high quality photos
– This is not something you may immediately think about. When your property is furnished and ready to rent, how will you promote it? Who will take photos of the interior for rental listings? Will you have to travel to Thailand to do this yourself? If not, how will you find a professional and trusted photographer who can do the job?

Don’t worry about that! Once your furnish condo Bangkok is complete, we take care of it. We provide a host of high quality photos that you can use for marketing purposes. The photos will show your property in a favourable light and showcase the quality of furniture and accessories.

European service – Our furniture packages use a European style design. What does this mean? It means your property will look modern, clean and homely. Furthermore, we use sustainable materials where possible to minimise our environmental impact.
Hopefully, you can now see why a furniture package from Find Thai Property can take your rental property to the next level.

Our property furniture packages explained 

We offer three different categories of package – complete, partial and finishing touches.  

Complete Packages

This package is ideal for a fully unfurnished property. If you literally have a blank canvas then our complete package will provide everything you need. Our complete package typically includes:

  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Mattresses
  • Dining Table & Chairs
  • Coffee Table
  • Bedside Tables
  • Sofa
  • TV Cabinet
  • Curtains / Binds
  • Pillows & Duvets

We also take care of the main electrical appliances including TV, water heater, fridge and microwave. With prices starting from 160,000 THB, this package is the ultimate for property investors.

Partial Packages

If your property is partially furnished then we can still help. Our partial packages are ideal if your developer has not fully kitted out your property. You may simply need some finishing touches. Our partial packages start from 60,000 THB and include:

  • Curtains / Blinds
  • Necessary loose furniture
  • Bed Linen
  • TV
  • Water heater
  • Fridge
  • Microwave

Finishing Touches
Finally, we have the finishing touches package. If your rental property is fully furnished, you may still need a host of accessories and day-to-day items. Whilst each room requires furniture, they also need equipment and utensils. For example, a bathroom may require towels and a bath mat. Our finishing touch package starts from 40,000 THB and caters for the following rooms:

  • Kitchen (Cutlery, Knives, place mats etc.)
  • Wall Painting / Wallpaper
  • Bedrooms (Cushions, lamps etc.)
  • Bathroom (Towels, bath mat, soap dispenser etc.)
  • Living Room (Lamp, decorations etc.

If you are renting a property in Thailand as an investment then we can help – Find Thai Property will transform your property into a stylish living space, ready for your tenant to enjoy. Contact us today… 

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