Getaways Less Than 2,3 & 4 Hours From Bangkok

kanchanaburi weekend break

Bangkok is an amazing city. There’s always something to do, see, or eat. But whether you own or rent a home or condo in Bangkok, you’re likely to find yourself looking to get away from the city from time to time. Bangkok is full of life, but it can be very crowded at times, and very hot!
Luckily for you, Bangkok is located just a few hours from several other incredible towns, cities, and regions that can provide a welcome change of scenery. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway, check out these three destinations, located two, three, or four hours on the road from Bangkok. Each offers a unique escape, perfect for a variety of interests.

Two Hours From Bangkok: Kanchanaburi

If you’re looking for a quick, quiet escape from the city, Kanchanaburi is a great choice. This often-overlooked destination is as rich in history as it is in beautiful scenery. Many visitors come to see the Death Railway, Bridge Over The River Kwai and other relics of World War II. The area provides plenty to do for a variety of interests and ages.
Wander the ruins of the Khmer Temple, visit the World War II museum, or enjoy some shopping. There are several caves and waterfalls that you can hike to nearby. On the river, there’s even a floating market. This beautiful region has become popular with backpackers looking for some fresh air outside of Thailand’s busier cities. They are on to something; Kanchanaburi is definitely a far cry from downtown Bangkok.

Three Hours From Bangkok: Hua Hin

Often referred to as Thailand’s original beach resort, Hua Hin is a tropical paradise. It also makes for the perfect beach-getaway from Bangkok. Luxury hotels, delicious seafood, and pristine beaches are just a few of Hua Hin’s specialties.
Spend a relaxing afternoon wandering through Hua Hin Hills Vineyard or Maruekhathaiyawan Palace, a massive seaside palace built in the 1920s. The city is also home to several markets and shopping districts, as well. One of the most unique attractions is Santorini Park Cha-am. The complex looks like it was plucked straight from the sun-washed Greek islands. There are more than 140 shops located in white-washed buildings with bright blue windowsills. There’s also an amusement park and water park in the complex.

Four Hours From Bangkok: Suan Phueng

Mountain getaways and farm resorts seem like an entirely different world from Bangkok. But both are located just four hours away, in Suan Phueng. The region is largely rural and agricultural, and at first glance seems like the last place to take a holiday. However, if you’re looking to truly relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the place to go.
You can stay at an actual, working farm, or a Mediterranean-inspired mountain resort. Spend your days relaxing in the Bo Khlueng Hot Spring or wandering through the Suan Phueng Orchid Garden. You won’t find shopping centres or five-star dining here, but you will find peace and quiet. It’s the perfect place to recharge and reconnect.


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