Thailand is ‘New El Dorado’ For Chinese Property Investors

Chinese Investment in Thailand

Make no mistake, China is contributing massively to the strength of the worldwide real-estate economy and Thailand is getting a big slice of the cake. What’s more, Chinese investment is set to double in the next five years as the wealthy within China are flocking to invest in overseas assets, most notably houses. This can only be a positive as far as Thailand’s real-estate economy is concerned.

“The average price Chinese buyers enquired about increased by 111 percent YOY from 2014-2015 (source,”

Close Proximity

Thailand is benefitting in a huge way from its close proximity to China. Chinese real-estate investors have capitalised on the strength of their currency, and convenient location between China and Thailand. The boom began back in around 2014, when Chinese businessmen with commercial interests in Thailand started to see the potential of investing in property in Thailand. Since this time, the Chinese/Thai property market has continued to boom, with many Chinese holidaymakers further identifying the real opportunity the Thai property market presents.

“Last year China was the fourth biggest investor in Thailand. Japan, the United States and Singapore led the way”

Popular Areas

The most lucrative property markets in Thailand are currently in Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai.
Information provided by Juwai Q4 2015 shows that Thailand ranks 5th among worldwide countries for online enquiries from Chinese buyers. With that trend set to continue on an upward curve.
Chinese buyers are constantly on the look our for higher yields and increased opportunity. They have also become experienced in real estate and willing to further trust their judgement to explore emerging housing markets.

“China is facing trade barriers from some countries, and many Chinese firms are investing in Thailand partly because of this”

Few Barriers To Entry

The world in 2016 presents an easy route to travel and information, and this foreign purchasing trend is set to continue.
The door is well and truly open to further Chinese investment throughout Thailand now and in the future. And, should the huge surge in Chinese investment continue as expected, it could be very promising for yields throughout the entire Thai real-estate economy.

“As Chinese business increases, the demand for ‘second homes’ in Thailand is also increasing”

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