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Most Europeans are used to packing their suitcases, booking a package holiday and staying in the same, all-inclusive hotel for a 1-2 week break away somewhere. Thailand as a destination can and should be viewed differently. By preparing yourself with an entirely different mindset and booking your hotels as you go when visiting Thailand, you can enhance what could already prove to be an enriching or even life-changing experience.

Don’t Miss Out

Thailand offers so much diversity, culture and history. It is almost an injustice not to explore this wonderful country to the best of your ability. You can stay in the same hotel for weeks if you choose, but from experience trust us when we say: You’re missing out!
In Bangkok, for example, there are 50 districts and literally thousands of hotels and guest houses to stay. It can take an entire day to walk around one of the super-sized shopping malls, let alone exploring the rest of the city.
Elsewhere, there are stunning mountainous regions, tropical beachside resorts and quiet getaway spots all worthy of attention.
You could spend weeks in the same hotel oblivious to the fact that there is a plethora of fun and unique sights to behold elsewhere. It’s a fact, Thailand provides one of the most diverse and enriching travel opportunities of any country, anywhere in the world.



5 Thailand Travel tips

  1. Airbnb offers a ‘worldwide alternative to hotels’ check it out!
  2. Book your first night’s stay before you travel for piece of mind
  3. Roam, explore and book hotels on a ‘pay-as-you-go-basis’
  4. Use a reputable website such as Agoda for booking your hotels
  5. Book one night at a time on Agoda. You can always pay for more if you like it when you arrive, and will often get a better rate by paying direct to the hotel


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Speak to people with experience of travel to Thailand and most will suggest ‘winging it’. Booking your first night in hotel to be safe, but from then on going with the flow and book up as you go. This is easier said than done for many Europeans, some of whom have never travelled this far, let alone contemplating the uncertainty of not knowing where they’ll be staying in two night’s time.
Agoda is your friend in Thailand. Here, you can find great rates on hotels throughout the country, not just in Bangkok. The rooms can work out cheaper by using Agoda, in comparison to other hotel booking websites.
Even so, take note of the extra surcharges when searching for your hotel. It is commonplace for a 10% service charge and 7% Tax to be added to the price in Thailand. Always bear this in mind before you start searching if you’re looking for hotels within a certain budget.

Thailand Hotel Prices

You’ll be able to get a comfortable (and even luxury) hotel in Bangkok for around £40-50. ($50-65) per night. The top end hotels are usually £100+ ($130),and the lower end starts as low as £10-15 ($13-20). There’s something for everyone. In other areas, such as Chiang Mai, prices can be even cheaper. However, be prepared to spend more in popular tourist hotspots such as Phuket at peak times.


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