Bangkok’s Weirdest… Restaurants & Cafés

hajime robot restaurant bangkok

Bangkok is certainly known for having great food. From street vendors to five-star cuisine, the city offers diverse food from around the world mixed with local, traditional favourites. But if you’re looking for a dining experience with a difference, make sure you check out these weird and wacky restaurants in Bangkok.

Flying Chicken Restaurant (Suan Aharn Kraton)

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, the Flying Chicken Restaurant is the place to go. This outdoor restaurant is serving up chicken with a twist. Once you’ve ordered, acrobatic performers toss and catch uncooked chickens, setting them on fire while riding around the garden on a unicycle, before eventually delivering your prepared meal with a flair upon your table. Just a normal night out then?

Hajime Robot Restaurant

This restaurant may be cooking up traditional Japanese cuisine hotspot-style (you cook your own food), but their presentation is anything but traditional. At Hajime Robot Restaurant, your meal is delivered by robots, who also return to clear away your empty plates and even to perform little dance routines. A sign of the times.

Unicorn Café

Bright pastel pinks, yellows, and baby blues coat the dream-like walls of this fantasy-world restaurant. Unicorn Café is dedicated to all things unicorn; even the food items are unicorn-themed, with horns topping burgers and pasta with noodles that are every color of the rainbow, and the walls are covered in shelves full of stuffed unicorns, brightly colored toys, and even a sparkling chandelier.

Por Kung Pao Seafood

Looking for an easy way to get really fresh shrimp in Bangkok? Why not catch it yourself? At Por Kung Pao Seafood, you do just that. Visitors use nets and rods to catch shrimp from a pool located in the restaurant and then deliver the shrimp to the staff who cook it to order. This also makes a great kid-friendly activity for those looking for a unique family dining experience.

Hello Kitty House

Hello Kitty House lovers around the globe rejoiced when this spot opened in Bangkok. The Hello Kitty House caters to all things related to the iconic Japanese white cartoon cat. From light meals and sweet desserts to cocktails, everything is Hello Kitty-themed. The decorations are over the top, with everything from giant Hello Kitty statues to plush Hello Kitty pillows scattered through the building. The House is also home to a shop dedicated to Hello Kitty and a Hello Kitty spa.

The Third Floor

There’s an old Japanese theory that says that your blood type directly affects your personality. At The Third Floor, they also believe that your blood type affects your taste in food. That’s why their menu is separated into dishes prepared especially for those with Type A, Type B, Type AB, or Type blood. The food itself isn’t weird at all, consisting mostly of local Thai favorites, so if you’re looking for a slightly more normal, yet still a little weird, restaurant to try, this might be just the one.


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