Punnawithi District to Become Bangkok’s Cyber Tech location

Bangkok is a flourishing city. It is the centre of commerce and economic activity for Thailand. It is also becoming a central hub for business and development in Southeast Asia. In today’s modern world, Bangkok is set to become the main hub for cyber technology and cyber start-ups. How will this happen? Partially because of the plans that have been unveiled for the Punnawithi District. 

In this article, we look at the Bangkok Cyber Tech initiative, True Digital Park, and plans for Punnawithi. We look at what this will mean, and how it will change the landscape of this part of the Thai capital: 

How Did the Bangkok Cyber Tech Initiative Start?

The National Innovation Agency was established in 2003. Since then it has been responsible for pushing development and new technological innovations in the country. Each year the agency has a different focus – for example, 2016 was the year of start-up innovation. The agency has evidently turned their attention towards cyber tech in combination with their push for start-up business development. This has ultimately resulted in the cyber tech initiative in Bangkok.


What Will True Digital Park in the Punnawithi District Contain?

The main contributing factor to the development of Punnawithi as a cyber-hotspot is True Digital Park. True Digital Park is a huge campus with a bold mission. It is listed as a complete ecosystem that caters to technology start-up businesses. It aims to establish a thriving digital community that will contribute to the development of cyber-tech in Bangkok. 


True Digital Park is located in Phra Khanong in Punnawithi. It is currently under construction and the first phase is set for completion at the end of this year. It sits next to Sukhumvit Road and is in close proximity to the Bang Nang Chin canal. Surrounding the park there is myriad of shopping malls and amenities. In the immediate area, there are over 1.3 million residents which will ensure an influx of employment.


The campus benefits from its excellent location on Sukhumvit Road. Within a 5 minute walk, you can find the Punnawithi BTS station. This is part of the Sukhumvit Line – an important transport system in Bangkok. Furthermore, True Digital Park is only 25 minutes from the main airport in Bangkok which is excellent for foreign business people and investors. 

True Digital Park has a walking score of 79. This means that practically any errand you undertake can be done so on foot. This will appeal to modern entrepreneurs and the younger generation who wish to live a healthy and convenient lifestyle.


Within the campus, you can expect to find an amazing array of facilities. The following are just some of the amenities that are planned:

– Full-service wellness and sports centre

– 3000sqm of labs, training centres, business centres and studying facilities

– 1000 work stations within an open plan co-working space

– 1 auditorium for conferences and lectures

– 3 government service centres

– More than 200 shops, bars and restaurants

As you can see, it is essentially a whole community contained within the area. Entrepreneurs and start-up business people basically have everything they need to live and work. True Digital Park will be at the centre of the Bangkok Cyber Tech initiative. It has so much to offer and is certainly one of the main things that will attract investment and new business to Punnawithi.

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How Will the Punnawithi District Progress as a Cyber-Tech Hotspot?

One of the main driving forces behind the Bangkok Cyber tech initiative is True Digital Park. But this is only a portion of what the Punnawithi area has to offer. This is part of a greater plan and the following are some other ways in which this district will be built up as a cyber-tech hotspot:

1. It will act as a landing pad for both foreign and local start-ups

If you want to start your own tech business in Thailand, Punnawithi will provide everything you need. It will provide everything for both business and living. This will include co-working spaces and a host of activities and facilities provided by the NIA. Start-ups can even receive grants for their business and ideas. Essentially, both foreign and local start-ups will have a landing pad from which they can accelerate the growth of their business.

2. It will host over 20,000 new start-ups

The NIA and True Digital Park have set out an ambitious aim for Punnawithi. Eventually, the area will host 20,000+ new start-up businesses. This will make it the largest park for tech start-up businesses in the whole of Southeast Asia.

3. Google will set up their Google Academy here

Internet giant Google has announced that it will launch its first academy in True Digital Park. This could be hugely beneficial for Punnawithi – having such a large and important brand partner with True Digital Park will attract a vast number of keen entrepreneurs and business types. Academy Bangkok – A Google Space will be a training centre and will host over 200 people at a time. Aside from the brand, the fact that it will be the first Google training academy in Asia is also important.

4. Other tech giants are expected to follow suit and move in

Google has already committed its support to Punnawithi and True Digital Park. It is expected that more important high tech companies will follow suit as the first phase of the park nears completion. The aim is to develop an area that is packed full of important industry names that will work to attract business and investment for the area and for the Thai economy.

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What Will Happen to Punnawithi? 

The immediate area of Punnawithi should experience a boom. There is already a lot of plans tabled for property development. It will become a thriving place of business. It will also contain a flourishing community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can directly impact the Thai economy. 

The development of Punnawithi and True Digital Park should help boost the Thai economy. This area alone will bring in a multitude of new opportunity and employment. It will also mean that Thailand becomes a centre for cyber technology throughout Asia. This, in turn, will attract more foreign investment and interest.

Punnawithi should radically change in the near future. True Digital Park and the Bangkok Cyber Tech initiative will make a huge difference. The area should receive an influx of business and interest. Bangkok should push forward a new era of technological advancement and development with Punnawithi acting as a central hub for cyber start-ups.

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