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The Thai government has made major changes to transportation within Bangkok over the last decade. We have seen the MRT built and expanded. We have also seen investment in airports and roads. Now it is time for the rail network to receive an upgrade. This comes in the form of the new Bang Sue Central Station. As you will see, this rail hub is set to boost rail travel within the country and modernize the main facilities in central Bangkok.
This new hub will have a huge effect on both rail transport and property development. In this article, we look at what the station plans contain, and how it will promote property development in the Chatuchak area.

30 Billion Baht of Brilliance

Construction of the station is being overseen by SRT (State Railway of Thailand) in conjunction with the Thailand Transport Ministry. The total cost of the project is estimated to be 30 billion Baht. It is using modern construction techniques and the train platforms are reported to be 600m long. The previous rail hub at Hua Lamphong is set to be transformed into a museum. Although, for the foreseeable future, and even when Bang Sue is open, the old hub will still operate as a station for the Red Line. The following is some more information about the new Bang Sue Central Station:

Proposed layout of Bang Sue station

Bang Sue station has a superb design and a large modern terminal building. It will be split into four different flours, the details of which are listed below:

Underground – The lowest level will contain the station for the MRT Blue Line (The MRT Blue Line is currently under expansion with a variety of new stations). This level will also contain a parking lot for more than 1600 vehicles. 

Ground – This will be the main station concourse. It will feature an open plan air-conditioned design. This is where you will purchase tickets and wait for trains.
Second – the Main area for train platforms with a total of 12 tracks running through.

Third – More tracks mainly for high-speed railways and airports.

Lines Bang Sue station will accommodate

Bang Sue station will act as a central rail hub for the country. It will contain a plethora of different rail lines which are listed below:

– SRT Dark Red Line
– SRT Light Red Line
– MRT Blue Line
– Airport Rail Link (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
– Northern Line
– Northeastern Line
– Eastern Line
– Southern Line

This effectively makes Bang Sue the most important rail station in Thailand and one of the most comprehensive throughout South East Asia. It will also become one of the main rail hubs in the ASEAN group of countries in terms of volume and links.

When Will Bang Sue Be Finished?

 Construction is planned for completion in 2020 and the grand opening in 2021. The station is being developed in three stages. Currently, it is estimated that the station has reached more than the halfway mark. The red line terminus is the primary project – this is due to open in October 2020. Once this is complete, construction and plans will commence on the various high-speed rail links. These plans include the adventurous Bangkok to Non-Khai line and the high-speed line from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Affects on the Bangkok property market

The Thai government has big goals for Bang Sue Central Station. One of those goals is to improve property development within the immediate area. Both commercial and residential developers stand to profit from this station with a range of new opportunities. The following are some of the main ways that the property market could be affected:

Development set to boom in surrounding area
The surrounding area will be split into zones. Zone C is meant to be a smart town and includes new property developments. Furthermore, the area of Taopoon-Bangsue is set to witness a migration of consumers. Between 2009 and 2017 we have already witnessed 30,000+ condos built in this area. This should only increase as the central station nears completion. We have the Ideo Mobi Bangsue Grand Interchange, for example, which is a high-rise condo development in close proximity to the station. 

It is said that development should boom within a 5km radius of the Bang Sue hub. Land prices should increase as demand for the prime locations soars. Basically, the whole area will be transformed and developments within Taopoon-Bangsue will become some of the most popular in central Bangkok.

Improved commercial activity within the Bang Sue area

Aside from residential improvements, commercial projects will also boom. Whilst Zone C is meant to be a residential hub, Zone A and B will both contain commercial developments. Zone A will be a smart business complex and Zone B will act as a commercial hub for ASEAN. Investments of 10 billion BHT and 24 billion BHT respectively will be pumped into these two areas.
As the station nears completion, we should see a plethora of new developments arrive such as malls, shopping centres and public recreational areas, for example.

Improved development along the MRT lines

Whilst the station will improve the Bang Sue area, it should also have a positive impact on other parts of Bangkok. The new station will have direct links to the main Bangkok airports – this should improve transfer times, and also boost development within those two areas.
Second, areas along the MRT line that are up until now underdeveloped should also see a resurgence. The Blue and Purple lines, for example, will now connect together through Bang Sue station. This will make the surrounding regions more desirable as commuting and transport will improve.

As you can see this new rail development will have a huge impact. It will certainly improve rail transport within Bangkok. It should also make airport transfers easier too. Aside from rail, it will also improve property development within the area. We are already witnessing new developments springing up in the area and seeing new property hotspots such as Chatuchak emerge.

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