5 Great Websites and Forums for Thailand Expats

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If you’ve recently moved to Thailand or are thinking about buying or renting a condo or house in this beautiful country, you probably have a lot of questions.
You might be wondering what it’s like for an expat living in Bangkok, or elsewhere in the country, or what it’s like gaining a visa or buying or renting a home in Thailand. Will you be able to find your favourite foods from back home? Are there other expats from your native country to mix with and enjoy your favourite native pastimes with? Will it be tough getting accustomed to the local culture or picking up on the local language?
If you’re wondering where to find the answers to these questions and more, look no further; below is a list of great websites and forums dedicated to helping expats in Thailand adjust to life here. You’ll not only find the information you’re looking for, but you’ll also get a chance to connect with others from around the world who have chosen to make Thailand their new home. If you are still deciding whether or not a move to Thailand is the right choice for you, these sites are also a great way to get informed on what it takes to be a Thailand expat.

InterNations-Thailand Expats

Answers to just about any question from expats hailing from most nations around the world can be found on InterNations forums for Thailand Expats. This site provides comprehensive guides on applying for visas and healthcare, exploring the most popular expat communities in various cities, and even for learning how to do business in Thailand, as well as a number of forums.
Members on this site can post questions to be answered by fellow expats. There’s even pages and forums specifically for expats from various countries, including Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and more.
InterNations also hosts events in Thailand geared towards bringing expats together. These events are open to all members, though they often carry a specific theme, such as a recent Brazilian Night. It’s free to join this site, and InterNations-Thailand has hundreds of members.

If you’re just beginning to think about moving to Thailand, is a good place to start. The site’s Thailand page offers a variety of resources, from postings about jobs for expats, to specific guides about life in Thailand and more.
You can search for guides under categories like Visas, Work, Formalities (Passports, entry requirements, etc.), Study, and more. These guides cover everything from the very broad, like general information about the geography of Thailand, to the very specific, such as how to navigate the nation’s public transportation. You can also post your own questions for other expats and experts to answer.
Once you’ve moved to Thailand, you will probably still find this site useful. There is a Classifieds section, which is useful for finding affordable second-hand furnishings if you rent or buy a condo or house in Thailand that is unfurnished. You can also find recommendations for services like car dealers, moving companies, and carpet cleaners on the site.
You can become a member on the site for free, and create a profile that allows other expats with similar interests to find you, though it isn’t necessary to become a member in order to use the site’s features and guides.

Thai Visa Forum

If you’re looking for a great way to interact with other expats and get answers to specific questions about life in Thailand, the Thai Visa Forum is a great place to do so.
This massive forum has hundreds of thousands of posts, some of which have had over three-hundred-thousand responses. Posts are separated into different forums on topics such as Visa & Immigration, News, Travel, Education, Business, and more. It’s also an easy-to-navigate site with few pictures, which makes it easier to access from a mobile phone.
Membership to this forum is free and is necessary if you’d like to post questions or your own answers. But if you’re just looking to scroll through to see what other people are saying, you won’t need to become a member. Thai Visa Forum has thousands of members, probably more than any other site for expats in Thailand. Image credit: Thai Visa.

Transitions Abroad-Living in Thailand

Another site that’s great for finding information on a variety of subjects pertaining to expats living in Thailand is Transitions Abroad. They have a database of articles about living, working, studying, and volunteering in Thailand. With great guides and tips for specific situations, such as for those teaching English in Thailand or for families with young children looking to make the country their new home.
One additional feature that this site has is information that expats moving to any country might need. You can quickly and easily find information relating to finding health insurance in a foreign country, tips on staying connected with friends and family while overseas, as well as lists of websites and forums where you can learn information specific to the country you’re moving to, or connect with other expats around the world.
There is no membership element of this website, so anyone can go online and utilise all of the great tools and guides that it has to offer.


There are several Facebook pages dedicated to expats living in Thailand, but the most popular is THAILAND EXPATS. This group is great for connecting with other expats living in Thailand. Members often use the page to post links to helpful information for expats, news events, things going on in different cities around Thailand, and even to sell items like cars or furniture.
While this page may not be useful for people just beginning the process of moving to Thailand, those already living as expats may find them helpful for connecting with others living nearby. The group could also be useful as a way to post questions or concerns and gain answers from others who have already been through the process of relocating to Thailand.
THAILAND EXPATS is open to anyone who wishes to join, and already has thousands of members. You will need a Facebook profile in order to join, though you can view the page without one.


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